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Key Benefits:

  • Technical Data: Detailed information from coverage rates to drying time between coats and recommended storage temperature to ensure your projects meet rigorous standards.
  • Application Information: Step-by-step guides for seamless application.
  • Safety Information: Comprehensive Safety data sheets and safety information for worry-free use.
  • Environmental Considerations: Sustainable credentials that align with eco-friendly design principles.
  • Maintenance and Care: Best practices for maintaining the longevity and beauty of your finishes.

The Resources We Offer

Architects' Specifications Sheets: Gain access to detailed specification sheets that provide all the crucial information you need to integrate our products into your projects seamlessly.


Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS): Access crucial occupational safety and health information at your fingertips.


Empower your creativity and specify with confidence, with Whittle Waxes! For more personalised assistance, feel free to reach out to us! Stay inspired!


5 Reasons Why Architects Specify Whittle Waxes

When it comes to finishing and protecting timber surfaces in architecture and interior design, Whittle Waxes is a frontrunner for professionals in the field. Here are five reasons why architects prefer to specify Whittle Waxes for their projects:

  • Exceptional Waterproofing
    Whittle Waxes stand out with their remarkable ability to provide excellent waterproofing protection for timber. For architects, this means ensuring long-term durability and structural integrity for timber features in a range of environments, including high-moisture areas.
  • Natural and Non-toxic
    In an era where sustainability and well-being come to the forefront of design principles, Whittle Waxes sets the benchmark with its natural, non-toxic formulation. Selecting eco-friendly products in their specifications is a commitment to indoor air quality and eco-conscious building practices that more and more architects champion.
  • Food Safe Assurance
    Architects and designers responsible for creating kitchen counters, dining surfaces, and other areas in contact with food appreciate Whittle Waxes' food-safe rating. This assurance integrates seamlessly into designs that cater to the safe preparation and enjoyment of food in both residential and commercial spaces.
  • Deep Timber Penetration
    Unlike superficial coatings that merely sit on the surface, Whittle Waxes is hailed for its timber-penetrating quality, which provides protection from within. This penetrating action not only guards the timber but also accentuates its inherent beauty, which makes it a favourite among architects who aim to marry aesthetics with function.
  • Low Maintenance and Easy Application
    Maintenance is an essential consideration for any architectural specification, and Whittle Waxes offers a low-maintenance solution that's easy to apply. The ease of application and sustained protection translate to reduced upkeep for clients, making Whittle Waxes a practical selection for busy homeowners and commercial entities alike.

    By choosing Whittle Waxes, architects and interior designers provide clients with a combination of practicality and aesthetic appeal, while also upholding the standards of occupant well-being and environmental responsibility. For eco-conscious homeowners, these benefits offer peace of mind that their spaces are not only beautifully preserved but also aligned with the values of sustainability and wellness.

What Our Customers Say

Out of my 30 years of hand making timber furniture I have never used a better product than Whittle Waxes Evolution Hardwax Oil.

– Christian Cole, Christian Cole Furniture

I have tried many finishes for my timber projects but Whittle Waxes has outperformed all of them.

– Alan Kik, Indo Street Designs

We have found all the products within the Whittle Waxes range to be highly durable and easily maintainable. We highly recommend them to anyone working with timber.”

– Nicki & Darrin, Revive Timber

I’ve been working with Whittle Waxes for more than 10 years. It is such an exceptionally good product – easy to apply and a beautifully natural looking coating.

– Dusan Ocenas, Renaissance Floors

I love Whittle Waxes. The Evolution Range has an amazing spread and I was shocked to see how little I needed for fantastic results. I cannot recommend this product and company enough!

– Marty Holbrook, Island Woodworks

I will only be using your material for finishing now! It is much simpler, safer and quicker to get the finish I want compared to other methods.

– Simon Gandevia, Sculptor



The Whittle Waxes Story

Most companies go from A to Z. We went from Z (Zimbabwe) to A (Australia). What an exciting journey it has been - and it's not over yet!

Although Whittle Waxes officially launched in Australia in 2004, our journey (and love affair) with timber started a long time before that. Company founder, Giles Whittle-Herbert, grew up on a farm in Zimbabwe, where he inherited a passion for working with wood that goes back generations. For many years he ran a successful carpentry business in Zimbabwe.

On arrival in Australia in 2004, Giles noticed a big gap in the market for natural and safe hardwax oils. He already had an excellent working relationship with an overseas supplier, so all he needed to do was make the Australian market aware of the many benefits of hardwax oils.

20 years later, Whittle Waxes is proud to be leading the way in the supply of natural, high quality finishes in Australian, with satisfied customers across the board, including home renovators, professional polishers, flooring suppliers, timber companies, architects, and designers.

Our Evolution Hardwax Oil continues to exceed expectations and is now a firm favourite all across the country, particularly with those who appreciate a quality finish that is safe, durable and environmentally friendly. Whittle Waxes has introduced a number of other quality products, including colour stains, exterior oils, Wax Polish and Floor Care for easy floor maintenance.

At Whittle Waxes, we genuinely love to interact with our clients so if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Thanks for all your support!

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