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This year, Whittle Waxes celebrates a significant milestone - 20 years of dedication to protecting and enhancing Australian timber with our superior hardwax oils.

We pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to manufacturing high quality wood finishes that are safe for the environment and safe for your loved ones.

Today, Whittle Waxes proudly sets the benchmark with sustainable, food safe, pet safe and child safe natural coatings that nourish the timber from the inside whilst creating a hard-wearing, water-resistant barrier that showcases the natural beauty of the timber.

Focusing on sustainability, durability, and the beauty of the natural grain, Whittle Waxes finishes are ideal for all applications from floors and furniture to kitchen utensils and toys.

Join the celebration and discover why your timber deserves the unparalleled care only Whittle Waxes can offer.

Hardwax Oils

Hardwax Oils

Our flagship product – hard-wearing, attractive, safe, easy to apply and maintain.

Colours and Stains

Colours and Stains

A choice of 10 colours and 3 raw stains – something to suit all tastes and timber types.

Object Oil

Object Oil

A protective refresher coat for timber in need of repair and replenishment.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and Maintenance

Everything you need to clean and maintain your timber products.



Quality products for exterior timber preparation, protection and maintenance.

Tools and Accessories

Tools and Accessories

Bits and pieces to make the job easier – as well as items to help protect your floor.

What our customers say...

Christian Cole

Christian Cole Furniture

Out of my 30 years of hand making timber furniture I have never used a better product than Whittle Waxes Evolution Hardwax Oil Classic. I highly recommend this timber finish. Great product!

Alan Kik

Indo Street Designs

I have tried many finishes for my timber projects but Whittle Waxes has outperformed all of them. I have crucial standards for finishes on my projects and the Evolution Gloss range, for example, has never let me down. It is very easy to use and keeps any project looking magnificent! Thanks gang!

Marty Holbrook

Island Woodworks

I love Whittle Waxes. The Evolution Range has an amazing spread and I was shocked to see how little I needed for fantastic results. I live in Victoria and ordering their product has been straightforward with a fast delivery time. This is quite rare and unique, especially in today’s environment. I cannot recommend this product and company enough!

Nicki & Darrin

Revive Timber

We began using Whittle Waxes about two and half years ago and were impressed by the exceptional quality of the products, the variety within the range and the ease of use. The level of service and knowledge that Giles and his team offer are second to none. We have found all the products within the Whittle Waxes range to be highly durable and easily maintainable. We highly recommend them to anyone working with timber.

Dusan Ocenas

Renaissance Floors

I’ve been working with Whittle waxes for more than 10 years. It is such an exceptionally good product – easy to apply, very pleasant to walk on, and a beautifully natural looking coating. That’s why builders, architects and interior designers lean towards Whittle Waxes. I’ve used all the sheen levels and various colours from the stain range. When we hear a customer say, “What a beautiful floor” – that’s all that matters.

Simon Gandevia


I transitioned to your products for my wood sculptures a few years ago. I was very pleased with the final 'sheen' which I obtained by mixing the gloss and satin hardwax oil. I will only be using your material for finishing now! It is much simpler, safer and quicker to get the finish I want compared to other methods (various Danish and other oils, French polish, etc).


Evolution Hardwax Oil is perfect for all of the above and suitable for all interior wood. Just choose your sheen level from Matte, Classic, Satin or Gloss. It is easy to apply and maintain, hardwearing, water repellent and certified food and toy safe. Just apply as per the instructions.

For more answers to Frequently Asked Questions please visit our FAQs page here.

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