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Written by Whittle Waxes


Posted on September 13 2023

In the heart of Cooroy, where the gentle rustle of leaves meets the hum of shared laughter, lies a true gem - the Cooroy Community Gardens. It's a place where seeds of friendship are sown, ideas take root, and dreams blossom. We, at Whittle Waxes, consider it an honour to be a part of this nurturing community.

Recently, we had the privilege of contributing to this cherished space by donating our hardwax oil to coat the timber surfaces of the newly-built pavilion. It was a small gesture, but one filled with heartfelt appreciation for the spirit of togetherness that thrives in these gardens.



Our hardwax oil, made from natural ingredients like beeswax, carnauba wax, and jojoba oil, reflects our commitment to sustainability and non-toxic solutions. It seemed only fitting to use it in this eco-conscious haven, where every leaf and petal carries the promise of a greener tomorrow.


The pavilion now stands as a symbol of our shared dedication to this community and the environment. It's not about the product, but rather the unity it represents. We are grateful for the opportunity to play a small role in enhancing this special place.

As we walk through the garden, we're humbled by the warmth and camaraderie that surrounds us. The pavilion stands as a quiet reminder of what can be achieved when people come together, each contributing in their own unique way.


We believe in the power of community, in the strength that comes from supporting one another. It's not about accolades or recognition; it's about being present, being involved, and being grateful for the chance to be a part of something greater.

So, as you visit the Cooroy Community Gardens and pass by the pavilion, take a moment to feel the shared spirit that resides here. Know that Whittle Waxes is simply grateful to be a part of this beautiful tapestry of lives, leaves, and dreams. Together, we create something truly special.



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