Exceptional Waterproofing with Whittle Waxes:
A Game-Changer for Architects

In the realm of architecture and design, the choice of materials plays a pivotal role in bringing a vision to life. Timber, with its natural warmth and versatility, has always been a favourite among architects. Yet, its susceptibility to water and moisture has often posed challenges, particularly in environments prone to dampness. Introducing Whittle Waxes Evolution Hardwax Oils!

Whittle Waxes offers an unparalleled solution for architects aiming to harness the beauty of timber in wet areas without compromising on longevity. Whittle Waxes’ advanced natural formulation penetrates deep into the timber, providing a robust protective barrier against water ingress.

Unlike surface coatings that merely act as a temporary shield, Whittle Waxes’ unique Evolution Hardwax Oils not only enhance the timber's resistance to moisture and decay but also preserves its natural aesthetics and breathability.

For architects, the implications are profound. Whittle Waxes' exceptional waterproofing capabilities mean that timber can now be confidently incorporated into a broader spectrum of designs, even in settings previously deemed unsuitable. High-moisture areas like bathrooms and kitchens can now feature timber elements without the looming threat of water damage.

Whittle Waxes transcends the role of a mere product supplier to become a collaborative partner in the architectural journey. Providing end-to-end support, from product specification through to application, Whittle Waxes empowers architects to fully harness the capabilities of its timber protection solutions.

Envision and execute timber designs that withstand the test of time with Whittle Waxes!


This image showcases the effective water repellency of Evolution Hardwax Oil on a coated ute tray.

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