What makes Evolution Hardwax Oil so popular?

Written by Whittle Waxes


Posted on February 19 2021

The reason Evolution Hardwax Oil is our best-selling product is because it can be used effectively in so many different ways! We receive a lot of queries from our customers asking if it can be used for things like cutting boards, toys, benchtops, birdcages, wooden spearguns (!!), etc., etc. – and the answer is almost always a resounding YES!

The reason for Evolution Hardwax Oil’s amazing versatility is because it ticks all these boxes:

  • Non-toxic – food-safe and toy-safe – completely safe for humans, animals and plants.
  • Water resistant – ideal for all wet areas (kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanities, etc.).
  • Hard-wearing – ideal for furniture and floors (even high traffic areas) – can last for 5-7 years.
  • High coverage rates (20-30m2 per litre!) – so very economical for use on floors.
  • Micro-porous – which allows the timber to breathe. It integrates with the timber rather than forming a skin and this prevents cracking.
  • An attractive natural look and feel – it enhances the grain, bringing out the timber’s natural beauty. Available in 4 sheen levels (Matte, Classic, Satin and Gloss).
  • Easy to maintain – simply clean with Whittle Wax’s Floor Care (which has replenishment properties) to prevent the surfaces from becoming dull.
  • Kind to the environment – made from natural, sustainable raw materials (such as beeswax, carnauba wax and jojoba oil) – it has no negative effects on our planet.

Made in Germany and used extensively around the world, we are understandably proud of our Evolution Hardwax Oil – a truly exceptional product which continues to surpass our customers’ expectations.



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