How to look after hard-waxed floors

Written by Whittle Waxes


Posted on February 26 2021

If you’ve used one of our Evolution Hardwax Oils on your floor you may want to know the best way to look after it. The good news is that it’s simple! Here are 3 easy steps to follow:

  1. Vacuum
    Sweep or vacuum the floor regularly. Vacuuming is the most efficient way of increasing the longevity of a floor finish as it lifts abrasive particles which can scratch a surface.

(N.B. Your hardwax finish will take about 10 days to reach its maximum in terms of durability and water resistance. Please refrain from mopping the floor for a week or so and take care to soak up anything spilt on the floor.)

  1. Wash using Floor Care

When the floor needs a clean, we strongly recommend using Floor Care which is a mopping additive designed to both clean and maintain floors finished with Evolution Hardwax Oils. The advantage of Floor Care is that it leaves a thin replenishing, protective layer on the surface without making it slippery.

  1. Refresh using Wax Polish

When the floor starts to look a bit dull, give it a lift with Wax Polish. This is an easy-to-apply refresher coat for surfaces finished with hardwax oil. The polish not only enhances the appearance of the timber but also forms a durable, water repellent, non-slip finish. It can also be used to remove fine scratches and marks. Wax Polish is available in Matte (for matte finishes) and Regular (for use on all higher sheen levels).

By following these 3 easy steps you will definitely reduce the wear and tear on your floor, as well as prolong the durability of the coating.

Enjoy your beautiful timber!



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