Common Questions about Hardwax Oils

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Posted on May 03 2021

How long will Hardwax Oils last?
Depending on the floors use and maintenance, generally 5 to 7 years, if not more. 

Do I have to re-sand after 5 to 7 years?
Generally not, simply clean up and recut the surface and reapply.

What is the approximate coverage of Hardwax Oils? Coverage is highly dependent on the type of wood and method of application. Coverage is approximately 20-30 square metres per litre.

Can I apply Whittle Wax Evolution Colours on top of Hardwax Oil?
Whittle Wax Evolution Colours must be applied before Hardwax Oil. The pigments need to penetrate into unfinished timber.

Do I have to apply Hardwax Oil on top of Evolution Colours?
Two coats of Hardwax Oil should be applied on top to protect the coloured pigments used in Evolution Colours.

Why hasn’t my surface dried within 24 hours?
The most common reason for slow drying is over-application which can increase the drying time by anything up to 8 hours. If you are applying Evolution Colours, cloth off any excess product to shorten drying time. To speed up the drying time raise the temperature of the room and increase air flow by opening doors, windows or using a fan.

Do I need to cloth off Evolution Colours?
If applying the product with a machine, be sure to buff off any excess, taking care not to leave swirl marks in the finish.

What should I do with cloths covered in Whittle Waxes products?
Any cloths/towels that become impregnated with our products should be allowed to dry out flat to avoid self-combustion.

What can I do if the surface becomes dull?
This dullness is often caused by incorrect cleaning methods or materials. Use Whittle Waxes Floor Care for cleaning and maintenance. (It is a highly concentrated cleaning detergent with replenishment properties). This will bring back the usual sheen to the surface.

I have made wooden toys for my baby, I am worried about what he puts in his mouth. Are Hardwax Oils safe for children’s toys?
Our Hardwax Oils are safe for humans, animals and plants after drying and complies with DIN 53160 and EN 71 for children’s toys. Contains no biocidal substances or preservatives. Not only are they practical for toys but also for the crib itself.

I need to finish my counter top and I really need something strong. I have heard that epoxy is the only thing that we can use. Can Hardwax Oil efficiently do the job?
Yes, two coats of Hardwax Oil are unaffected by any household cleaners, are water repellent and grease proof, non-toxic, food safe, repairable, and they won’t ring mark if they are applied properly.

I have noticed from your instructions that you recommend sanding the floor prior to application. Would this be necessary on a newly installed floor?
Hardwax Oils are not a grain fillers and therefore (within reason) the finish is only as good as the prepared surface. As long as the surface is smooth (as if sanded with 120 grit paper) you will have no problems.

My tin of Hardwax Oil has a skin on it. Can I still use it? Hardwax Oil will skin over in an open tin, remove the skin, stir well and use as normal.

How can I clean Hardwax Oil from brushes and rollers? Rollers and brushes can be cleaned using Whittle Waxes Special Thinner or if you don’t have Special Thinner on hand you can use white spirit.

Can I apply Hardwax Oils over other finishes?
You must try a test area to see how the Hardwax Oil reacts with other finishes. It will go over some, but not all. Unfortunately we cannot warrant our coatings performance when applied over another finish.

Can I use Hardwax Oil in my bathroom?
Absolutely, they are not only moisture repellent, they are water resistant.

Will Hardwax Oil prevent my dog scratching my floor?
Dog traffic can be very tough on a floor, especially when the dog is large. If a dogs claws are newly cut then the edges of the claws are very sharp and may cause scratches. A dog with claws naturally worn by walking is far less likely to scratch the finish. However the timber may still be dented depending on what type of wood you have.

Can I use Hardwax Oil over underfloor heating?
Yes, Hardwax Oil can be used over underfloor heating. Once dried surfaces treated with Hardwax Oil are resistant to high temperatures. We recommend underfloor heating is turned off 6-8 hours before applying Hardwax Oil. If underfloor heating is not turned off then Hardwax Oil may dry too quickly and you could be left with brush or roller marks.

Can Hardwax Oil be used round a fire place?
A dried surface treated with Hardwax Oil does not ignite unless in direct contact with flames and even then does not assist the spread of the flame.

Can I use Hardwax Oil near my swimming pool?
If you are lucky enough to have an indoor swimming pool then yes, the high wax content offers protection against many chemicals including chlorine.

Can Hardwax Oil be used to seal porous stone?
Hardwax Oil can be used to seal porous stone like slate but being an oil it can change the colour of stone. You must try a small test application first to see the effect because once applied it is impossible to remove Hardwax Oil from stone.

I am about to finish two rooms and an interconnecting hallway with Hardwax Oil. Is there a best place to start? You should always start furthest away from the door and work out of the room.

How should I apply Hardwax Oil in relation to the board direction?
Our product can be applied in any direction to start with but finish up and down the boards.

How can I avoid roller overlap marks?
Rollers saturated with Hardwax Oil should be rolled out on an untreated area before crossing a treated area. Also try and work to the edge of boards. Work along the boards wall to wall, try not to coat “blocks” left to right, working out of a corridor, once you have coated an area , go over it making sure to lift the roller out of the coating as you push the roller into the previous area - "feather it off”.

If I start application with a brush around the edges first, will roller application later be ok given that the two areas will be drying at different times?
Do not work too far ahead as the edge will start to dry and then the roller will “pull” the finish up again. As a rule you should not go back over wet Hardwax Oil after about ten minutes as it will have started to dry and will not settle out properly. Try and run the roller along the brushed edge as close to the skirting as possible.

Can you recommend a product to fill blemishes prior to coating?
Redifill Wood Filler, follow our instructions for application that can be found on our website. Please note any filler will colour differently to the bare wood.

I have old pine boards finished with shellac which I would like to refinish with Hardwax Oil. I heard you could use methylated spirit to remove the shellac, is this correct?
If you use a solvent to remove a finish the solvent dissolves the finish. This means whilst it will appear that all of the shellac will come off a lot of it will get rubbed into the wood. This might lead to uneven absorption of Hardwax Oil which could mean appearance might not be uniform and the finish may not be as durable as usual. We would recommend sanding the floor to remove the shellac.

I have applied one coat of Hardwax Oil and my floor looks patchy. Is this normal?
Don’t worry this is normal. Different parts of your wood will absorb oil at different rates. It will even out after a second coat is applied.

Can I spot repair my floor?
Yes, as Hardwax Oils do not have a skin building process.



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