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Treatex Colourtone - Antique Oak

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Treatex Colourtones

Treatex Colourtones keep the natural beauty of your wood, while changing the colour. This allows you to match the colours in your home and change how your floors, doors, stairs and worktops look and feel.

These stains function by penetrating deep into the timber, seeking to enhance the natural beauty without taking away from it. Treatex Colourtones are manufactured on a base of natural sustainable raw materials and natural pigments.


  • Low odour
  • Meets with VOC emissions regulations
  • Easy to apply
  • Quick drying

Must be protected with Evolution Hardwax Oil.


Suitable for: Internal use
Recommended timbers: Most species of timber
Applications: Floors, doors, stairs, worktops, skirting, furniture, table-tops, wood turning, wood toys, instruments

500ml will cover approximately 10m² in one coat depending on the timber and method of application.
1L will cover approximately 20m² in one coat depending on the timber and method of application.
2L will cover approximately 40m² in one coat depending on the timber and method of application.


Start by sanding the surface to smooth bare wood using 80-120 grit sandpaper, ensuring all previous finish and contaminants are removed. Make sure the surface is thoroughly dried before application and ensure you have enough Treatex Colourtone for the whole project. If using multiple tins, it is advised to mix them together before use. We advise a small trial application, as oak colour stains will take to various species of timber differently.


  1. Roll or brush one coat of Treatex Colourtone on. Just one coat is necessary as a second coat will only slightly deepen the colour.
  2. Remove excess product with a lint-free cloth to ensure an even and correct drying. Drying should take around 3-6 hours if warmth and ventilation are maintained.
  3. Once dry, seal with two coats of Evolution Hardwax Oil. This will prevent the natural pigments from fading.

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