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Whittle Waxes Sun Protection Oil: Your Timber’s Best Defence Against the Elements

As the seasons change, so do the challenges that our outdoor timber surfaces face. From blazing sun to relentless rain, timber used in exterior applications goes through a lot. One of the most damaging elements is the sun, which can cause severe bleaching and warping. The aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of your wooden surfaces depend heavily on how well they are protected from these harsh conditions. Whittle Waxes Sun Protection Oil is a reliable shield designed to combat the damaging effects of UV rays while enhancing the natural beauty of your timber.


Key Features

UV Resistant Clear Finish

One of the standout features of Whittle Waxes Sun Protection Oil is its UV-resistant transparent finish. Microfine UV inhibitors help protect your timber from harmful UV rays, significantly inhibiting the greying process, and the clear finish allows the natural beauty and colour of the timber to shine through.

Highly Water Resistant

In addition to its UV protection, Whittle Waxes Sun Protection Oil is highly water-resistant. Whether it's a sudden summer downpour or a prolonged rainy season, your timber will remain well-protected.

Mould, Algae, and Fungal Protection

Whittle Waxes Sun Protection Oil contains an active ingredient that protects against mould, algae, and fungal infection, ensuring your timber remains healthy and beautiful.

Easy to Apply

The application process is straightforward, making it easy for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts to use.


Whittle Waxes Sun Protection Oil is made from sustainably sourced natural oils. This not only ensures long-lasting protection but also aligns with environmentally responsible practices.


Suitable for Various Vertical Surfaces

Whittle Waxes Sun Protection Oil is excellent for use on vertical surfaces that are exposed to the elements, such as:

·        Wooden cladding

·        Carports

·        Doors and windows

·        Window shutters

·        Fences

·        Pergolas

·        Outdoor furniture

·        Cubby houses

Note: Horizontal timbers tend to wear sooner due to foot traffic and other factors, and hence, may not retain the oil's protective qualities as effectively. We recommend Whittle Waxes Bangkirai Exterior Oil or Cutek Wood Coatings for exterior horizontal surfaces such as outdoor decks.



1 Litre covers approximately 25m² per coat, depending on the type of timber and application method.


How to Apply Whittle Waxes Sun Protection Oil

Surface Preparation: Ensure that the timber surface is clean, dry, and free from any previous finishes, paints, or contaminants. Consider sanding if necessary.

Application Temperature: Ensure the temperature is above +8 °C for both application and drying. Wood humidity should be less than 18%, and air humidity should be less than 60%.

Drying Time: Drying takes approximately 12-24 hours, roughly 6 hours until it is touch dry.

Stir Contents: Stir contents well before and during use.

Primer for Softwood: Treat softwood (at risk of fungi) in exteriors with an appropriate primer before applying the first coat.

Pre-assembly Application: If possible, apply once on all sides before assembly.

Trial Application: We recommend a trial application before starting the full project as Whittle Waxes Sun Protection Oil works differently depending on timber surface characteristics.

Application Method: Thinly and evenly apply the oil once or twice along the grain using a roller or brush. Apply the second coat after 12-24 hours of drying.


Whittle Waxes Sun Protection Oil’s unique clear finish coupled with its ease of application and wide range of suitability makes it an essential product for anyone looking to maintain the natural beauty and longevity of their outdoor vertical timber structures.

Safeguard your timber surfaces from the harsh realities of nature with Whittle Waxes Sun Protection Oil.

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