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Patented StopLossBags® pouches allow you to preserve the fresh off-the-shelf quality of fine finishes. Formulated for Oil, water and alcohol-based liquids, the specially formulated 3-ply construction helps prevent loss of solvents while a gas barrier inhibits oxygen penetration into the finish.

StopLossBags® keep your liquids fresher for longer by allowing you to pour just what you want, just when you need it.

How they work

I bet you've had the experience of throwing out cans of skinned-over varnish. Metal cans are excellent for transport and storage, but are not designed for pouring the finish or keeping oxygen out after some of the contents are used.

The specially formulated 3-ply construction helps prevent loss of solvents with a gas barrier that inhibits oxygen penetration into the bag.

Once the finish has been transferred to a StopLossBags® pouch it is easy to pour what you need into a wide-mouthed container for applying the finish. When you're done simply squeeze any bubble out of the bag before tightening the cap.

Each bag holds 1litre.

Filling Your StopLossBag®

To fill using the Filler & Adapter Tube Set, begin by fitting the dark grey filler tube over the end of the bag’s spout. It’s a snug fit and allows you to attach a small funnel. For a larger funnel fit the flexible red adapter tube over the grey filler tube. 

Our specially formulated StopLossBags® Collapsible Funnel allows easy one-step transfer from a litre can to a StopLossBag®.  It stretches over the top of the can while the small end fits the StopLossBag®.  It is important to blow air into the bag before attaching the funnel. This allows the full transfer of finish.

The funnel is simple to clean. Place it upside down on a folded paper towel overnight.  The dried finish peels easily from the inside. Note that, thin oil finishes may need to be cleaned with solvents.

Available in a handy 4 pack or an 8 pack or in a 4 Pack Kit which includes 4 extra caps, a funnel and filler clip.

Tips and Tricks for Getting the Best Results with your StopLossBags®

  1. Write the type of liquid and the date on the bag with a Felt Tipped Pen (Magic Marker®). Felt Tipped Pen’s wipe away easily with alcohol.
  2. You can fill the StopLossBags via the funnel, or a turkey baster!
  3. Blow into the pouch to open it up before filling it.
  4. Dispense the liquid from the bag into a wide container (called a cut pot or a cut bucket). We recommend using a 24 oz plastic storage container.
  5. To extend the life of the filler & adapter tubes, remove them from the funnel so the flexible plastic can relax during storage.
  6. A light coating of wax on the threads of the cap makes it easier to remove.
  7. If a bubble of air is left in the neck, some oxidation can occur. This can lead to a ring of partially gelled liquid forming in the spout. To prevent this, lay the bag on its side so the bubble comes to rest in the centre of the bag.
  8. If you suspect or see evidence of gelling, use a strainer to remove the gelled liquid.
  9. When you use the last of the liquid in a bag, flush the bag immediately with solvent. This will prevent the remaining liquid from oxidizing.
  10. Semi-gloss, satin, and matte finishes should be stirred well in the can before transferring to the StopLossBags® pouch. As the bag sits, the matting agents will begin to settle in the lower part of the bag. To correct this, squeeze the bag, invert it, and rotate it.
  11. If you are using the funnel for alcohol-based finishes, be sure to clean it with alcohol immediately after use.
  12. If your finish is light-sensitive, keep it stored in a dark place.
  13. If you and a group of friends order multiple StopLossBags® you may find it beneficial to go together and save on shipping costs or to purchase finishes by the gallon and share them.

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