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Whittle Waxes

Bio Wax 500ml

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Product Description

Revolutionise the way you care for timber surfaces with Whittle Waxes Bio Wax, a premium paste wax that brings the natural beauty of timber to the forefront.

Crafted for woodworking enthusiasts and floor & furniture restorers, this wax is the ultimate companion for enhancing and protecting wooden floors, furniture, and more.

Key Features:

Multi-Surface Application: From timber floors to furniture, parquet, laminate, and even unglazed stone and terracotta, Bio Wax is your go-to solution for a variety of surfaces.

Natural Ingredients: Comprising Isoaliphates, Candelilla Wax, Carnauba Wax, Montan Wax, Microcrystalline Wax, and Beeswax, this formula is designed to nourish your wood, not harm it.

Enhances and Protects: Providing a gloss sheen that not only beautifies but also enhances the grain of the timber, making every surface look its best.

Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly: Safe for use around food and those with allergies, Whittle Waxes Bio Wax contains no perfumes, colours, or harmful chemicals.

Ideal for Furniture Restoration: Whether it’s a jewellery box, a sideboard, or a dining table, Whittle Waxes Bio Wax is perfect for bringing old pieces back to life with a natural sheen.

Long-Lasting Protection: When used alongside Whittle Waxes Evolution Hardwax Oil, it provides an unparalleled level of shine and protection.

Traditional Paste Form: Easy to apply with a rotary polisher, cloth, or rag, offering a high-quality finish synonymous with artisan craftsmanship.

How to Apply:

For New Floors:

1.      Wait at least 24 hours after pre-treating with Evolution Maintenance Oil before applying Bio Wax.

2.       Apply a teaspoon of Bio Wax paste per square meter.

3.      Spread sparingly with a rotary polisher, using a white nylon pad, wadded cloth, or lint-free rag, ensuring it's well rubbed into the wood.

4.     Allow 2-3 hours drying time before polishing to perfection.

For Previously Treated Surfaces:

1.     Begin with a clean, prepared surface.

2.     Distribute a teaspoon of Bio Wax paste per square meter.

3.      Use a rotary polisher with a white nylon pad, wadded cloth, or lint-free rag for application, embedding the wax into the wood.

4.       After 3–5 hours of drying, polish the surface to unveil a radiant finish.

Whether you’re aiming to restore the grandeur of vintage furniture or protect and enhance new timber flooring, Whittle Waxes Bio Wax stands as your premium choice in natural wood care. Elevate your woodworking projects to new heights and bask in the glow of natural beauty with Whittle Waxes Bio Wax.


*Isoaliphates, refined into a highly pure form of hydrocarbons, are the backbone of BioWax’s superior performance. Unlike conventional solvents, isoaliphates are not absorbed by the human body, ensuring an exceptional safety profile. Recognised for their purity, these solvents are also utilised in the food and pharmaceutical industries, underscoring their safety and reliability. 

Additionally, it's important to note that after the drying process, all solvent is evaporated, ensuring it does not impact the indoor climate or air quality. This stands in contrast to many synthetic finishes, which can continue to "off-gas" and release volatile organic compounds into the environment, even long after the initial smell has dissipated. While solvent-free pastes are available and provide an alternative for those seeking to avoid any form of solvent, they can be more challenging to apply. This delineation highlights the meticulous balance we aim to achieve in offering products that are both user-friendly and environmentally conscious.

Download Bio Wax MSDS.

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