Treatex Colour Tones Antique Oak 500ml

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Treatex Colour Tones Antique Oak 1L
Treatex Colour Tones Antique Oak 2L


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Timber doesn’t always match the other colours in your home so Treatex have developed a range of colour tones to assist in the matching process. As various timbers will take colours differently, we do advise to do a sample before applying to the whole area. The pigments are colourfast. Using natural pigments to enhance the grain & strengthen the colours.

Antique Oak: a stain that offers an old worldly feel or effect, it’s the second darkest stain. It is best used to add an effect on blond or clear timbers. Can be used to a degree to masque the pink in some timbers to a degree.

All Treatex Colour Tones can be mixed. No overlapping, applicator marks.

NOTE: The swatches shown at left are indicative only. Due to limitations of the printing process they shouldn’t be taken as an accurate reference. Please contact us for further information on colours.