Why Choose Hardwax Oils for wet interior areas?

Hardwax Oils offer a greater degree of protection from water damage to the floorboards than a Moisture Cured Polyurethane, or a water based polyurethane. There are many benefits of our Hardwaxes Oils in wet areas such as bathrooms, as the product does have not a skin building process. This allows the timber to breathe, therefore climatic changes are accommodated.  A skin is susceptible to cracking which then allowing water to penetrate and discolour the timber. The likeliness of this happening to timber with a penetrative Hardwax oil finish is dramatically reduced.

Furthermore skin building finishes lead to endless aggressive sanding and recoating, unlike Hardwax oils that can be spot repaired and easily recoated by simply lightly sanding the timber and applying another coat. Because they are non-toxic this can easily be done without having to move out of the house because of negative health effects cause by many other types of coatings.  

It also meets the Australian Standards for slip resistance. Although Hardwax Oils are not recommended for external timber, they provide the perfect solution for a broad range of applications for all timber species.

Our quality, natural finishes for timbers enhance the grain of the wood and at the same time endow it with long lasting durability. Oiled floors when properly cared for will never need aggressive sanding again as can be seen in Europe in century-old oiled floors – they just get more beautiful with time.