Top ten tips for a longer lasting timber coating

Other tips:

  • Depending on the type of use the floor is getting will depend on the maintenance regime, obviously the kitchen will require more regular maintenance than the bedroom. Heavy soiling can be cleaned as described above, or careful use of a Steam Mop will lift grime without saturating the floor. Use of Floor Care is often enough to keep the floors looking great.
  • Work surfaces, tables and Bench tops should be cleaned in the same fashion, using the Furniture Care as the cleaner, spray the area to be cleaned and wipe dry. The application of Evolution Maintenance Oil will maintain the Waxes properties and maintain the look and feel of the surface. Treatex exhibits 99.9% antibacterial properties, negating the need to use aggressive detergents.
  • Wood floors are very sensitive to their surrounding climate. Seasonal cracking is a common occurrence.  They expand in humid conditions and contract when the air becomes dry, usually due to heating.  Using a humidifier or dehumidifier in conjunction with heating/cooling system is recommended, to maintain a constant 30-50% humidity level.  This will minimise shrinkage and cracking.
  • Never place plants directly on a wood floor even if they are in a waterproof saucer. If there is no alternative always use trivets or short stands under the pot and saucer so that air can circulate underneath. This will prevent condensation on the saucer from damaging a wood floor.  It will also be easier to see if the plant is over watered or if water has spilled onto the floor.
  • Many people are shocked when a rug is moved and there is an outline of the rug on the floor.  Luckily there is no need to panic.  If you remove the rug completely, the colour will blend eventually but it will take a while.  So be patient!  This is called oxidation and happens because UV light hits one part of the uncovered floor and does not reach the area of floor underneath the rug.
  • A deep scratch or gouge is not always easy to repair. We recommend consulting a professional when the damage exposes the bare wood.