Hardwax Oils Saving Money in the Long Run

When choosing a timber floor coating it is important to consider what benefits your coating choice will provide you with in the long run.

There is a large price difference between the coating types, which is reflected in the quality of the coating, where it is manufactured and the Health benefits.


Wood Review Magazine

Australian Wood Review Tips on applying Evolution Hardwax Oils.

Hardwax oils have become very popular over the past few years as a great alternative polish to lacquers and polyurethanes. Personally I am slightly allergic to the latter and now solely use these hardwax oils.


Top ten tips for a longer lasting timber coating

Ten top tips for a longer lasting timber coating.

  1. Doormats at all exterior doors, to trap dirt and grit from outdoors, before it gets to the floor.
  1. Encourage of checking the soles of your shoes for gravel and grit caught in the treads.
  1. All ‘movable’ pieces of furniture need soft clean pads on the bottom of legs or supports.
  1. Rubber feet on items such as dining room chairs.
  1. Apply floor protector pads to heavy items of furniture.
  1. Always remember to pick up furniture rather than slide it across the floor.
  1. Floor guards enable you to move your appliances forward for servicing without gouging your floor. Some areas always experience more wear than others (example: under the office chairs) Use thin non slip protective mats in these areas.
  1. Rugs can be used in high-traffic areas to minimize damage. Make sure any rugs are kept clean and dry. Have them shaken out and vacuumed regularly.
  1. High heels concentrate a person’s weight on a small point (60kg person = approx150kg per sq. cm    when taking a normal step). This kind of force can damage many types of flooring, fracturing ceramic tiles and perforating vinyl, as well as denting wood floors. While high heels in good repair may not damage wood floors, discourage high heels where practical.

    10. Spills from the food and liquids are usually no problem if wiped up in good time.


Commonly asked questions about Hardwax Oils.

How long will Hardwax Oils last? Depending on the floors use and maintenance, generally 5 to 7 years, if not more.  

Do I have to re-sand after 5 to 7 years? Generally not, simply clean up and recut the surface and reapply.

What is the approximate coverage of Evolution Hardwax Oils? Coverage is highly dependent on the type of wood and method of application. Coverage is approximately 30 square meters per litre, 1 coat. Remember when buying a timber coating "Don't count my litre count by square meter!"


Hardwax Oils Benefits From Whittle Waxes

Whittle Waxes Mission

       Whittle Wax will revolutionise the finishing of wooden surfaces in Australia and become the leading supplier of natural timber finishes in this continent.

     Whittle Wax can do this by providing quality, natural finishes for timbers that enhance the grain of the wood while at the same time endowing it with long lasting durability.

   Whittle Wax products are ecologically sound; ensuring the health and safety of humans, while helping to protect and sustain the environment. Whittle Wax will provide a reliable source of these finishes backed by readily accessible and friendly professional advice. 



Specnet Preparation Cleaner for Hardwax Oiled Floors from Whittle Waxes

Preparation Cleaner refreshes your hardwax oiled floor, with no need for aggressive sanding.

Whittle Waxes Preparation Cleaner is an aggressive cleaner for dirty or worn surfaces in commercial situations. Preparation Cleaner removes contaminates such as dirt, grease and fat leaving the surface ready for refinishing or refreshing.


Hardwax Oils perfect for bathrooms

Whittle Waxes has the perfect solution for treating timber in wet areas. Our Hardwax Oil coatings are water repellent, not only water resistant like many other coatings. They are not only lustrous, but also slip resistant, durable and non-toxic. These finishes can be safely specified for all residential / commercial projects.

There are many benefits of our Hardwaxes Oils in wet areas such as bathrooms, as the product does have not a skin building process. This allows the timber to breathe, therefore climatic changes are accommodated. A skin is susceptible to cracking which then allowing water to penetrate and discolour the timber. The likeliness of this happening to timber with a penetrative Hardwax oil finish is dramatically reduced.

Skeptical? Here’s what carpenter, builder, tinkerer and inventor Oliver Maclatchy from Wood Melbourne has to say.


Renovating? Ask us about our custom stains for timber floors.

Whittle Waxes renovation tips

Renovating? And you would like your extensions timber floor to match the existing one?

Here is the solution. We propose a game of base colours which are all intermixable. The colours are the most currently used in stained timber surfaces, but you are not limited to theses colours alone.

At Whittle Waxes in Ringwood, Victoria we are able to match and create colours unique to the individual client’s needs.

Here is what you simply need to do.


Whittle Care and Maintenance tips

Whittle Care and Maintenance Tips

To keep your timber floors and surfaces looking their best and to help protect them for years to come, it is important to keep them clean and to maintain the wax layer. The surface of a floor is damaged by abrasive particles which wear away at the floors finish. Dust and dirt accumulate and when walked upon have a similar effect to sandpaper.

     Using the Cleaning and Maintenance Kit for general routine cleaning and/or maintenance replenishes the surface through the application of additional wax.




Anti Slip Protection

The Australian Building Codes Board has come up with some new slip resistant regulations and laws for stairs, we are now among the toughest country for laws about slip safety on staircases in the world.

    The motive behind these new extremely strict regulations was that over half of reported injuries in Australia were cause by slipping, tripping or falling on stairs.

      All products for stairs must be tested by an independent advanced research and technology testing laboratory. Attar is a common one used in these cases.

     We called upon Attar to test our Whittle Waxes Anti-Slip, and were not surprised but highly pleased by our results