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Whittle Care and Maintenance tips

Whittle Care and Maintenance Tips

To keep your timber floors and surfaces looking their best and to help protect them for years to come, it is important to keep them clean and to maintain the wax layer. The surface of a floor is damaged by abrasive particles which wear away at the floors finish. Dust and dirt accumulate and when walked upon have a similar effect to sandpaper.

     Using the Cleaning and Maintenance Kit for general routine cleaning and/or maintenance replenishes the surface through the application of additional wax.




Timber Coating Comparison Chart

Comparing timber coatings?

All timber coatings or finishes have their strengths and weaknesses, whether it be Water Based, Polyurethane or Hardwax Oils. This simple chart should give you some insight for you to base your choices in timber finishes.  


Time to refresh your exterior timber?



Whittle Waxes to exhibit at eduTECH


Walking around the exhibition is a hugely valuable part of the EduTECH experience. If the conferences are where the learning, theory and inspiration happens, then the exhibition is where the testing, networking and product interaction happens. With technology changing so rapidly, and some concepts difficult to visualise, how do you keep up?


The Evolution of Hardwax oils coming to Australia July 2017



Combining all of the benefits of older versions of Hardwax Oils, Whittle Waxes have created, using state-of-the-art technology, a super tough version of Hardwax Oils made uniquely for Australia. They also have a new Maintenance Oil for Evolution Hardwax Oil. Keep your eyes and ears open, as these products will be available on the Australian Market from July 2017!


Whittle Waxes Manufactured with Respect

Brief Raw Materials Guidebook

All PNZ products reflect the latest state of the art. Even during formulation, we set a high value on natural, renewable and environmentally friendly raw materials with high penetrating power.



Oliver MacLatchy Wood Melbourne

Hello, my name is Oliver MacLatchy, I am the designer and maker at Wood Melbourne, where I make timber bathroom furnishings, such as baths, bath spouts and shower heads. There was and still is a real impression that timber doesn't work in the bathroom. I love timber, and I love using it everywhere that I can when I build, so I was determined to find a way to make timber in bathrooms work. This is where I discovered Whittles waxes. I had tried everything from oils to epoxies and nothing did what I wanted it to do; the oils and epoxies changed the colour and look of the timber and didn't provide the water protection that I was after. Not only does Whittles' Treatex do everything I want it to, it’s also very user and environmentally friendly. I use it on my bath spouts, taps and showerheads and am really confident that I can rely on it. I love the way it seals and protects but still leaves the timber looking naturally beautiful without changing colour or yellowing. I'm a big fan!

 -Oliver MacLatchy, Wood Melbourne

Why Dancespace383 chooses Whittles Waxes

        The floor is of course the main product in any dance studio, costing in our case the best part of one hundred thousand dollars. To that end, we researched different products trying to find the best one. We were determined to use the best and most environmental product on our 400 square meter dance floor.

             We came across Whittle Waxes, who were then in Ringwood in Melbourne. The product choice on the market was large, however at this point we found out that the largest dance company in the country used Whittle Waxes. My wife had lectured in one of their studios in Victoria, and she had raved about the floor, so it was easy to call the owner and simply follow what they had done.


Whittle Waxes are based on natural, sustainable raw materials and are eco-friendly

Whittle Waxes is the first Australian company dedicated to promoting premium natural waxes for the protection and enhancement of all timber surfaces.

Established in 2004, the company's founders have extensive experience working with wood both abroad and in Australia.



Whittle Waxes is proud to be part of THE SMART LIVING HANDBOOK

Melissa Wittig is a health focused interior designer and co-author of The Smart Living Handbook.

As a health focused designer Melissa values “products that has both sustainability and health attributes, natural ingredients and full compliance with the European standards for VOC emissions, environment and sustainability.”

It is this appreciation that lead Melissa to ask Whittle Waxes to review some content relating to VOCs that has been included in The Smart Living Handbook. The book is an exciting collation of research and industry insights associated with the built environment, human health and energy efficiency. Whittle Waxes is proud to have been quoted and acknowledged in the book.


Specifier Quality German Manufactured Products

Quality German manufacturing brought to the Australian market

PNZ Germany, protecting both the end user and the environment are as near to our heart as is maximum safety of use. Nature is our model. All PNZ products are manufactured with the least possible waste of resources from high- quality, renewable natural raw materials, such as beeswax and vegetable waxes and oils from monitored crops. None of our formulas use any carcinogenic or toxic VOC-containing solvents whatsoever.


Coverage Rate Chart

Whittle Waxes is fortunate enough to carry its own diverse

 brand, as well as the Treatex range of products. This chart will help you determine how much you will need of each product. 


Understanding V.O.C. and toxicity

These are complicated and simple questions at the same time but the importance of each of these questions is immense. They are all linked together as you will soon see but I think we need to break it down to be able to start really understanding the effects it has on us and others.


These floors can take a hammering.

Not only are Hardwax Oils natural and safe, they can take a hammering!

"Hello all at Whittle Waxes,
Just had you on the phone and mentioned we were still very happy with the finish after three and a half years of hard wear and tear. Our house is 130 years old (so the teak floor is that old as well) and we had it sanded and finished in late 2009. 


Feeling the real timber

Feeling the Real Timber

The rising demand for “natural wood look” and safety and health concerns in many export markets give boom to a very traditional - but recently forgotten - technology: natural oils. Unknown to many, natural oils are not only a “safe and sound” but also very cost efficient alternative to the conventional timber coating systems of today.

Oiled surfaces: Back to the roots

In current discussion “sustainability” is a buzz word. Many people are caring about environmental concerns and somehow many are hoping for high-tech-solutions to preserve our nature for future generations. But sometimes it is advisable to remember traditional techniques as well in order to reach sustainability. 


Health and Eco Information

The Importance of using non-toxic finishes

Timber is a living material endowed with many beneficial assets. It is durable and helps keep room temperature constant, regulates humidity. It creates a natural ambience to transform your home into a comfortable, healthy living space. 


Interesting facts about the natural ingredients used in our products

The protective properties of linseed oil were discovered in the late 1800s, since then people have been using it as a protective oiling coatings for timber floors and furniture.

Before the invention of polyurethanes or plastic surface seals, oils were the traditional finish of choice for timber flooring.


Why Choose Hardwax Oils for wet interior areas?

Whittle Waxes has the perfect solution for treating timber in wet areas. Our Hardwax Oil coatings, that it are water repellent, not only water resistant like many other coatings. They are not only lustrous but also slip resistant, durable and non-toxic. These finishes can be safely specified for all residential / commercial projects.




Acaroid resin

Other names for this product from Australia and Tasmania are Botany Bay gum, grass tree gum, nut resin, and earth shellac. Acaroid resin is a natural ester resin from the tree trunks of some species of Xantorrhoea (Liliaceae). Acaroid is completely soluble in alcohol, and partly soluble in chloroform and ether.

Use: In dark and colored varnishes, sealing wax, and metal coatings, for glazing coffee beans, etc.

 Acetic acid

A   clear, colorless,   pungent smelling liquid for pH adjustment. When Concentrated it is highly caustic.


Obtained from the fermentation of starch crops, followed by distillation. Partly chemically denatured!