Tony Ward

Sculpted Bandsawn Boxes. Original design bandsawn boxes, using rare and beautiful Australian timbers. Each work is individually hand crafted and finished. Bandsawn boxes designed to highlight the timber's beauty, of equally importance is each work must be functional. Much of the making time is spent completing the fine finishing.

Have finished the competition box mentioned some time ago.  You may recall you very generously provided a sample of your Whittle Waxes Wood Filler which was used to fill a number of voids.  The competition entry was submitted over the weekend which gave me an opportunity to provide some information of your resin to my fellow woodies, on the Ubeaut forums. Recently completed a box. The front of this new box has a grain distortion which became the centre feature. The first image is the raw timber, untreated for comparision with the second image, now finely finished. 

To accentuate this grain feature Whittle Waxes Wood Filler was used to fill the deep voids. See Use of the Whittle Waxes Wood Filler clear resin, together with saw dust from the surrounding provided a far better finish when compared with the white PVA glue or shellac, as the resin took on the surrounding timber colour.

 An excellent result, as when the area was fine sanded (2000 grit) it did not have its own shiny surface so often found when using PVA or shellac fillers.