Treatex Luster Hardwax Oil

Whittle Waxes HARDWAX OIL

Natural, durable, water resistant finish for all interior timbers, such as floors, bench-tops and doors as well as stone, marble, engineered and cork floors.

Efficient in damp rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen. Well suited for children’s nurseries, hospitals etc.

Benefits: Whittle Waxes HARDWAX-OIL is an open-pored, moisture regulating, colourless, professional surface coating product for wood and cork. It is available on Matte and Classic, is strongly water repellent, resilient against common foodstuffs and household chemicals acc. to DIN 68861. -1C.

The coat is safe for humans, animals and plants after drying and complies with DIN 53160 and EN 71 for children’s toys. Contains no biocidal substances or preservatives.