Wild About Wood

Our Custom Designed Process
Wild About Wood are passionate about building unique custom hand made pieces of furniture that will stay in your family for decades to come. Our customisation experience starts by giving our client the option of selecting the optimal dimensions of their table to fit a particular space in their home.

We then offer a ‘hands on’ approach to the design process by allowing our clients to select their very own slab of timber on location at the timber mill. We will help you find the perfect piece of timber, with the perfect curves, colour, and characteristics. These curves will then help to form the shape of the glass waterway that runs through our designs. If desired, we allow our clients to custom draw the shape of the glass, offering a truly unique and personal design.

To finalise the design, we allow our clients to custom pick the finish we apply to the wood, and the type of legs for the table. The final result is a beautiful and truly unique piece of furniture, built by hand and designed by you.

Wild About Wood uses Whittle Waxes products on all of their projects. 

For More information please visit the Wild About Wood website. www.wildaboutwood.com.au